Importance of being a Wheelchair Curling


Wheelchair curling is a variation of curling in which athletes with a disability that affects their lower limbs use a wheelchair to play the sport.  일본야동

Wheelchair curling is a winter game. It is played only on ice by disabled persons, and it has almost the same rules as its Olympic counterpart. Wheelchair curling is one of the latest additions to the Paralympic games, but the skills and strategy involved makes the sport very compelling.

Wheelchair curling is a unique sport that can be played by a wide range of ability levels and ages.

Rules of Playing Wheelchair curling

The rules for game play are very similar to that of regular curling. The rocks used and the pitch in which the game is played is exactly the same. One major difference is, there is no sweeping involved in wheelchair curling. Athletes can throw the stones from the stationary wheelchair by hand or use a delivery stick to push the stone. Stones that are delivered between the near hog line and the house have to be placed on either side of the center line within 18 inches, and should be released before reaching the near hog line.

Players must use their skills and experience to 'read' the condition of the ice, and predict the course of the stones as accurately as possible. So there is no sweepers during the game.

There's no limit should play in this game as much as you can you can play, and as long as you are enjoying.   국산야동

Health Benefits of Wheelchair Curling

* Increase heart rate and improves cardiovascular system

* Reduce blood pressure

* Strengthens your legs

* Maintain your Balance

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